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Notes will typically be saved on the web site for approximately one (1) year.

If you  need a meeting summary (list of topics) for the past few years, please let me know!

Common Misconceptions Regarding the Use of Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) in Lakes and Ponds

Date: Wednesday,
November 30, 2016

Joe Bischoff from Wenck Associates has kindly provided some of the resources referenced in his talk.

PowerPoint Presentation

AL-P Binding Ratio Reference

AL-P Binding Ration Report

Carp and the use of Alum Reference

One other question regarding the number of gallons of alum per acre for rough cost estimating purposes. Below is a statement to address that questions.  

For a rough cost estimate for alum treatments, we typically assume 100g Al/m2 as a target dose which equates to roughly 1,830 gallons of alum per acre for a cost of $3,200 per treated acre. Use of a buffered alum solution is similar in costs. 

Please contact Joe directly if you need any assistance. 
Joe Bischoff, Aquatic Ecologist/Principal Certified Lake Manager (Cert. #16-06M)


Date: Thursday, May 26, 2016

The meeting was facilitated by Jessica Vanderwerff Wilson (City of Edina).  The meeting started with a general discussion on where we are at with our MS4 Permit Program.

The notes are located here.  The Appendix referenced in the notes is located here.

Please let me know if you have any comments!


If you attended the Summit, you were able to experience first hand the excellent presentations and networking opportunities provided by this event.  At the summit, it was promised that the presentation slides would be posted on line - you can find them by going to the conference report, online at the MN Landscape Arboretum's website.


If you were not able to attend, you can get the conference agenda and speaker biographies, browse the presentations, and find out about the conference supporters.  

Summit in the News  - Check out coverage of the Summit on Kare 11, in the Star Tribune, and on Minnesota Public Radio, where keynote speaker Dr. Ben Santer was featured on MPR's Midday program.

March 2010

Topic - Pollutant Loading from Ag Uses: How can we engage farmers to improve water quality?

This was a brainstorming session on how to effectively engage the agricultural community to assist us in our efforts to improve water quality. Lessons we have learned and examples of best practices that worked,or did not work, were discussed.


May 2009

Topic - Bloomington Educational Video / TegraSeal Product Information /
McColl Learning Center

Jean Buckley from Bloomington came to show everyone their new video "Water Ways".  This is location non-specific and open to everyone to try out.  TegraSeal gave a presentation on their new products and handed out samples.  We also took a tour of the new grounds for the Learning Center.  For more information and contact information, just follow this link: