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Welcome to the Water Resource Coordinators Group of Minnesota!  The Group was formed in 1999 to help meet the needs of local, county, state and federal water resource professionals in Minnesota.  All employees (including contract employees or consultants for) of governmental organizations or water resources-related non-profits are invited to join and participate in the group whether simply asking for ideas and assistance through email or by arranging a meeting for others to participate in.

If you have a topic that might be of interest to the group, please contact me to discuss your idea.  Topics could include issues such as stormwater management, lake or pond treatment, stream bank restoration, native plant landscaping, salt alternatives, shoreland restoration, groundwater protection, TMDL's, buffers, water quality rule updates, research results, etc.

Please send ideas for topics, speakers or field trips to lstovring@metrowater.org.  You can also contact me at this email if you are interested in being part of the group, attending a meeting, need assistance with a particular issue or problem, have a job posting or would like to discuss an idea or topic to present to the group. 

NOTE - The "Links of Interest" page includes general information about interesting or innovative ideas.  Please let me know if you would like to add something!

Job Postings are listed chronologically, in the order by which applications are due.  You may need to scroll down to find new postings.

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